The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair is a Winner!
The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair has been recognized by the American Bar Association with a 2014 Partnership Award.
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Are you passionate about starting your career in a Midwestern city that has both cosmopolitan style and small-town charm? Looking to meet legal employers from large, medium and small firms, as well as government agencies, corporations and members of the judiciary? Get a jump start on creating lasting relationships at the 2014 IndyBar Diversity Job Fair.

Employers will be hiring clerks or interns, not offering permanent placement; they will expect to interview 2Ls or those graduating spring 2016/2017 based on full or part-time status.

Destination Employment: In 2013, 28 employers extended 39 employment offers to 75 students (50% of participating students received offers); 20% of interviewing students will work in Indianapolis in 2014 as a result of coming to THIS Fair.

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The IndyBar Diversity Job Fair seeks candidates who represent all aspects of diversity, who are looking for a one-of-a-kind legal community in a Midwestern city that has both cosmopolitan style and small-town charm. We cordially invite fall 2014 full-time 2L students (graduating May 2016) or part-time 2L and 3L (graduating Dec 2016/May 2017) to participate in the seventh annual IndyBar Diversity Job Fair to be held August 21-22, 2014.

Why Indianapolis?

Indianapolis has everything to offer law students and future lawyers, from a one-of-a-kind legal community to the comfort and reliability of a midwestern city.
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