FAQs & Symplicity Instructions

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Simplicity Instructions

(Please note: All times listed are Eastern Standard Time.)

July 2-9: Student bidding
Log into Symplicity here. Verify that you have uploaded a resume. Go to the OCI tab to bid. Rank your preference for interviews with the employers. Your most desired employer should be #1. We encourage you to bid on all employers. Bidding on an employer does not necessarily secure an interview; the more employers you bid on, the better your chances for a full day of interviews. If you do not care to interview for a particular employer, do not give it a rating at all. (Please note: The U.S. District Court can be bid on multiple times, one per each judge holding interviews. You can bid on all other employers only once.)

Only ten documents can be uploaded to Symplicity. Once you have uploaded a resume and cover letters for nine employers, delete them and upload nine more.

Make sure to change the "number shown" when bidding to "50" in order to see all employers at one time.

Sunday, July 9, Midnight: Student bidding ends
You must bid to be able to participate in the job fair. After bidding closes, employers will select their candidates for 12 interview spots. Two interview spots in the employer’s schedules are filled by lottery based on student’s interest.

Monday, July 24 : Hotel reservation deadline
The Hilton Indianapolis Hotel will only be offering a reduced room rate of $159 plus tax/fees for this program until July 24, 2017. Call (317) 972-0600 click here to make your reservation.

Thursday, July 20, Noon: Initial interview schedule available
Log into Symplicity here to see your initial interview schedule. Historically the number of interviews each student secures increases due to other student's cancellations between July 24-31.

Monday, July 31: Final cancellation deadline
This is the last day to cancel you participation without repercussions to your school.

Monday, July 24 at 5 p.m.: Scholarship application deadline
Go here for the scholarship application and submission instructions.

Friday, July 29: Final interview schedules available on Symplicity here.